Additional Pricing Structures

BBAHI only sells wholesale, our pricing is not available to the public.  In order to view pricing, you must submit an online request for a user name and password, adding in your business information.  You need to be in a construction related business in order to purchase from BBAHI.COM

Once requested it, we will review it to confirm the type of business you are in, competitors, and other similar wholesale or manufacturers of the same items are only considered on a case-by-case basis.

$10,000 a year reaches our Silver status. (affects the majority of all shower and glazing related items)

$25,000 a year reaches our Gold status.  (affects all products from all categories)

Silver status benefit: Your price would always show the lowest price for the affected products (mostly Swhower related), or in some cases lower than our last price break we currently offer online.  Plus your price would no longer require you to purchase more than the minimum amount, AND you don't have to meet the price break quantities.

Gold status benefit: Your price would show an even lower price than our Silver pricing shows.  Plus your price would no longer require you to meet the price break quantities just like the Silver status shows, but is good for all items we sell.

Silver and Gold status once reached, will remain in effect as long as your account remains active, in good standing, and yearly purchases reach: $6,500 a year to remain Silver, and $15,000 a year to remain Gold. (USD amounts), or if already Gold, and you don't hit $15,000, but you do hit $6,500, you would be eligible to be changed to Silver and not back to standard pricing.

All qualifying orders must be placed online, through the cart to be counted towards these levels.  Thank you